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Greek Holidays

Greece is an ideal holiday destination for both families and individuals. 

Culture and landscape

Along with its beautiful landscapes and beaches, Greece is also famous for its ancient culture.

Image of Delphi

From Olympia to Delphi, Knossos to Acropolis, the Historic sites in Greece draw tourists from all corners of the world.

Hotel in Rhodes

Hotels on the Greek mainland are generally open throughout the year. On the islands, many hotels close during the winter months.  

Hydra Island property

Affordable beach villas and holiday apartments can be found on the mainland of Greece as well as on the many popular islands.

Athens International Airport

Most people will travel to Greece by plane, some take a ferry, but only relatively few would drive by car although it is a possible option.

Driving in Greece

Driving in Greece can be a great experience, but also a challenge because of the bad condition many of the small roads are in.

Greek appetizers

The Greek cuisine is based around a variety of colorful and flavorful ingredients that are high in nutrients and low in animal fats.

Greek seaside restaurant

Greeks love to go out to eat and it is never a rushed affair, meals are eaten whilst talking and enjoying the company.

Parthenon Acropolis, Athens Greece

The legacy of Greek Civilization has made a major impact on the Western European way of thinking.